MSME Registration

MSME Stands for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises which facilitates the development & promotion of enterprises through various benefits & schemes. To encourage new and existing businesses and startups, the Government of India has launched various programs to help small and medium-sized enterprises grow. To avail of Government schemes & subsidies, you would need to register for Udhyam registration.

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The Government of India, Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises notified a criteria on the basis of investment in plant and machinery or equipment and turnover for classifying the enterprises as Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises:

An enterprise can be classified as a micro, small or medium enterprise on the basis of the following criteria, namely: -

  • a micro enterprise, where the investment not more than one crore rupees and turnover not more than five crore rupees;
  • a small enterprise, where the investment not more than ten crore rupees and turnover not more than fifty crore rupees; and
  • a medium enterprise, where the investment not more than fifty crore rupees and turnover not more than two hundred and fifty crore rupees.


  • It is a permanent registration and identification number for an enterprise
  • MSME Registration is paperless and based on self-declaration
  • There is no need of renewal of MSME Registration.
  • Any number of activities including manufacturing or service or trading may be specified or added in one Registration. Along with the Udyam Registration, Enterprises may register themselves on Gem & SAMADHAAN portal and simultaneously MSMEs themselves can also onboard on TReDS Platform, through three available platforms i.e.
  • The Udyam Registration may also help MSMEs in availing the benefits of relaxation in Public Procurement Policy and Government Tenders, Protection against delayed payments and Credit Guarantee Scheme etc.
  • Get priority lending from Banks.

List of Documents Required

  • PAN and Adhaar Card Copy
  • Business Name, Type and Address
  • Email id and Phone No.
  • Nature of Business
  • Date of commencement of business
  • Investment in Plant & Machinery
  • Person Employed
  • Bank Detail-A/c no./IFSC code/Bank & Branch
  • PAN & GST number is mandatory from 01.04.2021


  • 1

    Any person who wants to establish a MSME may file for Udyam Registration online based on self-declaration only and no requirement to attach any documents, papers, certificates or proof.

  • 2

    After registration, an enterprise will be issued a “‘Udyam Registration Number” and certificate.

More on Registration Process

  • There is no fee for filing of Udyam Registration.
  • Aadhaar number is mandatory for Udyam Registration.
  • In the case of a proprietorship firm, aadhaar number of proprietor and in the case of a partnership firm and Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), Aadhaar number of partner or karta required.
  • In case of a Company or a Limited Liability Partnership and other types of organization, GSTIN and PAN along with its Aadhaar number is required.


Is MSME registration been replaced by Udyam Registration?
Yes, Udyam Registration has been introduced by GOI as a replacement for the erstwhile registration system, i.e. MSME registration. Applicants seeking Udyam Registration can file an e-form on the Udyam web portal.
Is it mandatory to have an Aadhar card for obtaining Udyam Registration?
Yes, the Aadhar card is one of the fundamental documents for availing of Udyam Registration in India.
Do new businesses have access to MSME registration?
Yes, MSME registration is available to existing and new businesses. However, to become eligible for registration, they need to meet the threshold limits for registration.
What is the validity of the Udyam Registration certificate?
Udyam Registration Certificate remains valid for a lifetime. hence, there is no requirement of renewing the same.
Do trading companies fall under MSME?
No. MSME only encompasses manufacturing and service enterprises. MSME is all about boosting start-ups with subsidies and benefits such companies serve as a mediator between manufacturer and customer. Thus, they fall outside the scope of MSME registration.
Do I need to secure separate registration for production facilities in different cities?
No. The MSME certificate is granted for a single entity regardless of allied branches or plants. But, information about multiple plants or branches must be furnished.

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